Chris Botti.

i got his CD 'Chris Botti in Boston' somehow and really like it. first performance that i saw through sony HDTV at sony store (i don know..they were just playing the dvd or something so i watched.) was the one with Sy Smith.. just wow. Billy Kilson, wow. Sy, wow. it's not only because i watched it with huge sony HDTV or great sound quality of Blue-ray DVD, it was just so great.

and i watched 'Emmanuel' featuring Lucia Micarelli who is another talented violinist.(at youtube) first thing that came in my mind was that Lucia and Chris were actaully talking to one another with their instrument. it is such a musical dialogue that told 'me' about story in the song and themselves. they were like the actors of the movie. the emotion and impression cames thruogh their instruments and shaped a character. amazing. musical dialogue. i liked it a lot.

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iris said...

Im going to boston next weeeek!