Peter Sohn

Peter Sohn @ Calarts
very friendly and very kind.
he was very passionate to give us a lesson through works he had done.
after things after things, he kept asking
"do you want more stuff to see? I still have a tons"

he had analyzed each shots of two different trailer.
how well the shot tells a story or how the composition and the color makes viewer react and draw into what the director want to show.
things like that were discussed and they were very clear
and then
experiences that he had earned in the process of making his own short film
were presented and problem solving process were also presented.
for me, who have no idea of how those kind of film were made through what kind of process,
it was great opportunity to see the step by step making film process.
Thank you, Peter Sohn.

I am the boy with black weatshirts at front and Peter Sohn is way at the back with a hat.
Thanks Peter Sohn for coming and great lessons!!

Peter Sohn is a Concept Artist, Animator and Voice Actor for Pixar Animation Studios, he has worked on The Incredibles and Finding Nemo. Sohn also performed the voice of Emile in Ratatouille. He made his directorial debut with the short film Partly Cloudy in 2009. In a CGSociety article, Sohn says his idea for Partly Cloudy came from watching Dumbo as a child. In the movie, a stork delivers Dumbo. This made him wonder where the bird gets the babies from. He decided the babies came from clouds and so that is why birds have to deliver them.

Sohn was born and raised in New York. He attended CalArts and while there got a summer working on Brad Bird's The Iron Giant. After school he worked at The Walt Disney Company and Warner Brothers before coming to Pixar.

Russell, the Asian-American character from the movie Up, was also based on, and looks somewhat similar to Peter Sohn, who has a Korean surname.[1]

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