six year old me film
that is me when I was six.
( no..believe or not,.i was sick and skinny boy....)

I do not know how other had approached to make a six year old character of themselves.
To me, making a character of six years old me
was not about what I was really like when i was six.
It was more like, making a character of six years old boy
that has the images of today's my characteristics, personality and appearance.

I know I should've added the soundtrack of Rocky and the distortion sound..
I will. I will do that and post up again.
I want to show this now so that the merry christmas that is written in the animation
looks not outdated.
it is already outdated. lol anyway.
I had lots and lots of fun animating.
I hope you have fun, too.

first semester is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now i will start my film and
some of studies, done during winter break by myself, will be updated soon.


hyunji k said...


Alex said...

I laugh every time I watch this. Yours stood among the best made. Thanks so much for putting it up online, you should be proud of yourself!

Jas said...

YOU ARE AMAAZZINNG!! om goodnesss!! lol the pushups! lol !!! put more videos online sooonn so i can stalkkk ^^ hahah