James Lewis

When I was in Canada, every saturday night, I used to go downtown for drawings.
after the life drawing sessions, just to head back home around 11 pm, I should take street car or bus and transit to subway again, which takes around an hour. It was often pain in the ass but I loved it. I loved all that ambiguous feeling of happiness and depression from drawings that i had done, I loved watching city lights, passing by. Especailly in a rainy day, when the dark asphalt reflect numerous traffic lights and strange neons of streets, I found it pretty fantastic.
I definitely miss all that.

The Jazz music of James reminded me of the night train and nostalgic rainy city lights.

PS. the last drawing is not James.

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Anonymous said...

I loved this - your writing about the drawing sessions and the trip home - and your hockey sketches on 2/23. Both moving and excellent.