memory : North York Starbucks

after school, weekends or whenever I have spare time,
I just sit on somewhere and draw people.
In case of Toronto, even in the fall, it's so cold, it's impossible to sit on the sideway or
around trees or park.
so, Starbucks right in front of the school is a good place to stay.
lots of different kinds of people come in and get beverage.
often I meet friends there, often people look at me curiously,
often people come and ask to see my sketchbook and shake hands.
some people start talking about their entire life to me,
some people ask me how it is like to study art.
some people ask me which school I go
some people get angry at me for staring at them, like a stocker.

and these days,

often I miss the peaceful time
sometimes I wonder how the people, who I met, are doing.

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