PLUG 3:29
a still cut from the film

my film is finally finished!
it took me almost 4 month to make 3min and 30 sec film(damn)
and it will be up on the 'Open Show' in Calarts on this saturday!
I will probably put up my film in vimeo with password after saturday
(or you can't submit your film to festival!)
so I will let you know when I upload it!!

I am not super proud and happy with final result.
but the fact that process I had gone through is finally reached to the ending
and I can go further than what I have done so far makes me happy.


Elaine10 said...

you better tell me the password>O ;D

Eusong said...

hohoho I definitely will

Alex said...

All of you guys have been talking about how not proud you are of your films, and it reminds me of the beginning of the year all over again with us saying how much everyone is better than everyone else.

But man, I have to say, you've really outdone yourself in an incredible way. This film is sublime, gorgeous, it deserves all the recognition and attention it gets.