a Job Fair

some Old Thumbnales
I have done this actually more than a year ago but
that's the only art development stuff I had so...lol went into the portfolio!

so there was a Job fair and
super luckily, I got call backs from some studios.
now I felt really great not only for myself,
for my parents who believes in me in studying this area
and my teacher back in Toronto who taught me a lot.
Pixar-Art development, Disney Animation, Starz animation
and Jib-Jabs got me call backs. It doesn't mean that I got internships
or hired or anything but, the fact that my drawings got their
attention and told me I have potential was an honorable fact. the interviews with every
studios with all four of them and illumination studios, Cleveland Show
was very very inspiring.
Now all I need to do is work harder, keep going.
I wish I can stay in US and work more. I wish I can do internships
but I got another call back, which I will serve.
Korean Military. sigh


Angela Pan said...

the end of this post is very powerful..
there will always be call backs for you from animation industry, because you are good.
good luck.

Anonymous said...

Oh EuSong (this is Graham's dad, using my FB alias: Phineas Phinn=PP=Phil Peck), I was so glad for you, and impressed, hearing about your callbacks, until I got to the last line, and I'm so unhappy for you. But, if you don't find some way out, you will get through it. Be careful, take care of yourself, stay smart and self-preserving, work hard and honorably, and you will be fine, and back at Calarts as soon as you are through. (I am sure they will take you back at a little older age; and you will then do even better.) Just keep working on your art whenever you can in the military - and you will be that much better when you come back to Calarts. I've read your comments earlier about Toronto and looked at your work (about coming home in the rain etc.) and really liked it and thought it was terrific. You're going to go great places; just get through this with a good attitude, so you are as respected there also as you deserve to be. Keep us all - your friends - posted on your progress and stay in touch. They want to know how you are doing, and will be waiting to see you again. How long do you have to go for? Does it start this summer? Best of luck, Phil Peck