ACT 1 storyboards for 'The Promise'(working title)

I finished storyboarding. when I was storyboarding this time,
I tried my best to make every little detail of conversation and detail of behavior
lead to the ending of the story.
giving a clue, making reasons and base for next happening,
foreshadow and all, I wanted to make a film that
all the small parts of film contributes to the ultimate ending just like
gears in rolex watch. so that viewer can go like
that pointless conversations were not pointless at all at the end!!
or that stupid decision helped him positively at the end!!

so that's what I tried and it was fun to make things like that.
but!! the ending,,,the event for the girl,,,,,
I saw it already happened in some TV show. God, shit
I hated it!! I felt so bad that I lost it like that, I felt like the entire
story of the film had been collapsed long time ago and I did not notice until the end.
well, anyway it was a good practice, here is the ACT 1.

- dialogue is not written so it must be hard to understand things.
done by pencil on paper and B/W shadow with photoshop


Hyojin said...

롤렉스 시계에 대한 너의 열정이 보여 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Eusong said...

damn right.

Jeeyoon said...

I want to see the next one... and find out how it ends..

Eusong said...

I can send you the entire storyboards if you want. but it's lame

Jeeyoon said...

yeayeah can you send me the storyboards?
Im learning to do one with 최ssam now
it'd be good if you post it up too but
you can send it to me by email if thats better