concept arts for next film.
please give me some harsh, critical comments on them


hyunji k said...

"Constructive criticism."
the 18 yr old seems too mature.
maybe its her hair or her clothes
and the twelve yr old appears 14-15
itd be cool if u incorporated clothing and other aesthics(hair, makeup? ) to further express their personality and what is going on in the girl's life during that age.

of course i would give u this kind of criticism.

looks great though!
love the homeless people
they look exotic.
and i love the way they are dressed.
id dress like that

Eusong said...

points taken, thanks a lot. i will keep it in mind

Na Rae Yun said...

the homeless look great!-
i dont know your full intention in the film, but maybe you could differenciate the girl from the homeless by varying some colours. and ya, the two 18 and 12 do look kinda mature for her age.
love how the girls pose becomes more and more sober as she grows older.

Eusong said...

I personally do not like the girls at all. i will remember the differentiating.