character test

running test from Eusong Lee on Vimeo.

sorry for the small screen,
vimeo is being so stupid so i just upload this through blogger

the flash animation work was so........bad...and horrible
this is made just to suggest how it will look in the film

i will be grateful for any kind of opinion on this.
thank youu

*I did not fix the radical animation problem...super lazy me
but I added few things


Sophie Diao said...

no shoooes?

Eusong said...

now there they are. lol

Jeeyoon said...

its gonna be great! :)
I can imagine it with pretty backgrounds and colors in my head and they look awsome! can't wait to see the whole thing

Hannah L. said...
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Eusong said...

.........now i think he runs to well

Anonymous said...

I can't tell where he is running to.