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i saw hundreds of dragonflies, surrounded by buildings and they were only flying in circle.
i guess there are no more place for them to rest in my hometown.
no wonder why they are only swirling in the sky.
also, it became hard to find kids, running around the entire town
to catch dragonflies unlike the way i was when i was young


russianspy437 said...

Hey Eusong, Im loving all the new art, man. It looks great. cant wait for next year!

Sam said...

This is amazing Eusong!! Keep up the great work! :D

Eusong said...

thank you!! I am also excited to be creating something with you all!

Jeeyoon said...

yeah I used to catch dragonflies all the time when I was a kid. It seemed like I had all the time I needed to run around and do random things. nowadays kids play computer games, or are busy with other extra stuff like 학원.. too bad that they will never know the feeling of the childhood peace that I felt.

Eusong said...

that kind of loss i see lately somehow beautifies my memories even more. i feel like i had something that todays kids never had. lol