running test 3

Untitled from Eusong Lee on Vimeo.

this is tired running version.
I...took some of people's precious opinion
and put more care in this one.
also i am still getting used to using flash to animate,
sorry for the clumsy animation

i changed little design of the character..
now, i kinda like the design in running test 2
since it had thicker arms!!!!
i want thincker arms!!! who thinks smaller the better?
please vote and talk to meeeeee


Sophie Diao said...

ooohhh! maybe make his arms drag more, to look more tired

tiffany ford said...

soooooo great eusong!
i agree with sophie that you could push the movement a little more

but this is so cool!

Eusong said...

thanks guys, i also thought he swings the arems little too much. how should i push the movement further? hmmmmmmmmm

Tahnee said...

it looks like he's popping snacks into his mouth or something .... definitely make the arms drag more at the back and not be so snappy at the front :P
I like the head motion.
I almost feel like he's walking more than trying to run in a tired state. something about the legs. Maybe they should shuffle more? This is more of a walking pace, if they even did quick short shuffles maybe that would make him seem more urgent, even though he's tired? It's something to try :)

april rosburg said...

killer stuff eusong!

i would suggest maybe having him drag the tops of his toes across the floor more as he's running, like he's too tired to pick them all the way up. and i guess depending on how fast he's supposed to be running/ how tired he is maybe make him a little more off balance and stumbling?

Eusong said...

April, off balance and stumbling. i will try that although it seems super hard. dragging the toe is a good idea. that also remind me of use of bigger follow through that another guy told me.

Eusong said...

and Tahnee, i realized how the arm look so bad later. haha it's embarrasing. i will try to drag it more. expression of fatigue is very tricky. and it's really ambigous feeling like "should i take a rest? or should I give up? I wanna stop but i can't or i need to stop but i must run" all these must have different feeling but it's just so hard to get it right upon its action. i will try again. for this one, i was more thinking it to be like "i wanna give up but i can't". gahh, i will try again. thanks for helpful opinions guys