things in animation

dialogue, pan scene.the triangle boy-square boy-to POV's cup and back to triangle boy and blah blah
very...very...confusing perspective but not sure how it looks to you.
the perspective seems placed little higher than it is supposed to be
but in frame. it looks okay...i guess
fire away your thoughts!!! (actually really tired to fix sth but i will be glad to hear)

need to test many different sky. but for now there is cheap noise.
i know...i should've not done it.

friends, i have this thoughts crushing my head and I wanna
discuss. i don't know how i should start this but i will just fire away.
i have two stories in mind and individuals have totally different ways
to be expressed and experienced. one is kind of experimetal about teenager
sexual harassment and another one is little stupid love story of a stupid boy.
thinking of what i need to start first gave me a big question, which kind of subject matter would value more to audience? or as a animation?
not only in animation, probably generally in film, audience expect something
unpredictable experience through it. so making of interesting visual communication
as an art require imagination, great stoires and mature artworks.
even last year in Calarts, most of works have something that's unusual and interesting.
such as, bear in a office, revealing the darkness of backstage on kids' show, days and nights of world on a bed, you know, every film had something that we would never be able to see in real life. and those elements are the ideas that make the film far more interesting and fresh.
that's good. it's pretty solid known fact. and those elements gives the value in the animation. creating the whole new world.
but what about very mundane stories? in mundane setting? not the sparking totally new world concept, if things are happening in a real world-like situation and with maybe three times in a life sort of story? well, let's say we can make it little more interesting with cool designs...well, maybe it will be cool but not impressive.
it's just that. how would i make something so mundane far more interesting by just as it is.
i like the lights that comes through window, sitting on vibrant color of wall, small flowers aside sidewalks, red stop sign i see everyday, the greenish blue color of morning and reflection of car light in a rainy day. but for the most people who don't appreciate things that i do, anything i think is valuable won't be valuable. if the character values them, would audience understand it as valuables? but actually mundanity are easier and maybe even better to film it in live action. then is it pointless and meaningless to have mundanity in entire animation film? people say, there are bad stories. and bad elements. i wish i can find out making the bad to better not replacing the bad to brand new never seen before good one.

because of this question of what would value in animation, i am hesitating to start this story, which is a love story which easily could be cliche and cheesy, but clearly 70% true story.
what do you guys think? i hope i conveyed a idea that i am trying. not good this at all. lol


Jushtin Lee said...

nice backgrounds., your color choices are shweet.

Jeeyoon said...

darn......... I just wrote paragraphs of discussion and they all blew away with an error when I pressed "post comment" :(((((
and now I don't have the energy to rewrite them..........
It was more like thoughts than a discussion anyways so.. no loss....
I'll try to write the last bits that I wrote.

I think mundanity(I don't know if we're on the same idea) shouldn't be the whole film because that's turning mundanity into something. I think it could be a scene but not everything. mundanity should stay mundane, because that is the thing that is making it beautiful. I'm sure there are ways to make them shine through what's making it unrecognizable. but I really don't know what because I don't have a firm idea. :S