High School Romance

test3 from Eusong Lee on Vimeo.

little clip from the film i am working on

that's my favorite spot in art room of Earl Haig Secondary School, Cluade Watson, Canada.

definitely, Claude Watson made the greatest time of my high school


Elaine10 said...

oh yaa i remember this so well xD haha yepp it sure is your favorite spot

Eusong said...

hahahaha and you used to sit where the POV is! oh, wait, was it adele? lol

Jeeyoon said...

nice artrooom ;)

Elaine10 said...

Haha..xD we both..we liked to stalk you at that back of the room sometimes.XD
for sure we painted in front of that desk for that close to end of year portrait painting~
and ..ya!good time