mom and dad ; 엄마 아빠

2010, pencil and colerase

2010, pencil and colerase

mom and dad. mom loves flowers and plants. Dad loves Nikon camera, Atom and analogue watch with big number, date and day( so hard to fine reach his old fashion expectation with today's trend). so they are the portrait for them. I really don't do a drawing for somebody.(when i am asked) there is a family who's asking me for one over 7 years but I somehow could not finish a piece for them. there is always something like I want to do a really really great job since it is for someone precious. so....it takes time to find piece period of time for myself just to concentrate on them. but since you really work on it, you know it really doesn't take much time. i guess it's only mindset. the awareness. i finally did portraits for my parents, which is second after high school. i don't think i will do another one until i graduate. lol i don't know why. hahaha, once i get back in canada, i guess i should do one for the family. just for them, about them.