Old Paintings

IMF shoulders
acrylic, 2009 spring

Painting Study
acrylic, 2009 spring

Me, 15 min study

those paintings were done when i was still in high school. the blue one is the first time when i found the emotional impression from my painting. overwhelming mono color and use of dry brush was very unskilled but i remember that painitng did not take much time. i had an image and it sort of came out. it's a piece that gave me a joy although the painting itself is very blue. but if it was me of these days, i thought i would complicate the color with green or dark red. the simple and stupid thoughts of mine a year ago seems very straight to the love of painting than the love of technique on the painting.

and that is the first painting done in life drawing class in high school. I don't remember her name but i was sooo amazed by the amazing lightings on her skin. very magical it sure was. on really dark color of skin, red, orange, blue, white, everything was just there harmonizing somehow. it really did somehow. I was so curious how all that kind of colors could glaring from lighting on her skin. amazing. my mom and dad said she really look like a man and gorilla. well, it's true that i didn't pay much attention to her face. use of brush strokes and accepting color was what mattered to me at that time.

and a homework from Color and Design class. i did not know i could paint a piece in 15min but i did it. whatever the outcome was, wow. i did it hahaha

uploading this for memory of high school days. Oh Canada.

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