bus ride

um...possibly this layout can be in my film but i am not so sure of the story yet so
let's see how it goes.
i am really stuck with very annoying situation because of calibration of monitors.
this layout might look so much high saturated in in PC or samsung and stuff.
it's because i've been working in other monitor, not my macbook, which was fine
and once i bring over to macbook, it look so much washed out. damn it
i don't know which monitor i should follow so i will just try to match it back in Macbook
monitor. but now it looks super saturated in Samsung or monitor.

so, that's my excuse for shitty color decisions.


Ryounggyo Lee said...

Wow that bust looks like the thing of TTC... Anyway, awesome layout and colours as usual.

Eusong said...

haha yeah! memories of mine in TTC is basically the reference for me to do this one lol. i barely took bus in korea so that's the only bus i clearly remember. hehehe

Sophie Diao said...


Zesung Jason Kang said...

!! OOoo 멋진데...=)

Janine Chang said...

GOod job Eusong!