color script for stop

colorscript for STOP (working title)
Act 1 and beginning of Act 2
i am having lots and lots of fun with this film i am working on,
learning lots of super great things
this is so fun i can not stop working on this film damn it
damn it. damn it!!!!
it's so fun, i don't even wanna stop working on another one that is for this school year's film lol

colors could be interpreted differently for personal or cultural reasons but
leading audience to follow along the connected relationships between colors
to convey a specific emotion, symbol or impression is such a fascinating job
reading about threee books about color interpretation in cinema, children education, general cultural perception of the colors showed me subtext of colors but I guess i can learn best when i am actually working with my story or others.
a job to lead people's mind to reach a certain impression.
leaving a mark of colors to guide them through the entire forest of plots to reach sympathy in the atmosphere.
how fascinating job is that?
long way to go. how exciting everything still is


Rooney said...

That looks really cool. I've been following your blog for a little while now, and I just wanted to let you know that you post a lot of great drawings and artwork. I'm applying to CalArts this coming January, so I especially enjoy seeing the art you have to post. I'm a bit curious on your methods for when you paint digitally. Do you use an intuos tablet or cintiq? and what programs do you use? Anyways, your color script is really great, keep 'em coming.

Eusong said...

Hi, I appreciate your compliments! i blog pretty often but i am sure you will see more amazing stuff once you come here! um..i personally did not like painting digitally but i am also in a stage of getting used to this new tool. i use photoshop like most people and use tablet like most people. lol i still don't know how to utilize with all that fancy brushes, haha. and i am sure the method is pretty much similar to painting with acrylic or anything...'cause it's all painting anyway? sorry i don't really have anything special. i had been doodle almost everyday over every winter and summer break to get used to the tablet plastic pen, i guess that helped me a lot....to get the image in my head. lol such a boring answer that is. lol

Ricky Cometa said...

damn dood, these are soo bad ass.. it's cool seeing how hard you work on these. i haven't seen your new ones, so you gotta show me next time i'm in the labs

april rosburg said...

Love these colors!

Rooney said...

Thanks for the reply. Believe me, what you had to say was very interesting to me. What kind of tablet do you use? I have an intuos myself but it's difficult for me to get comfortable with drawing off the screen. I was considering buying a cintiq but I also hear of a lot of people who don't like them.

Eusong said...

man, same here. i use the black one, intuous 4? i guess? looking on a screen while hand is drawing somewhere else is kind of weird and i also am a pencil and paper mate. but what can i say? digitalized look of background ad character gives more finished look for amateur in film. i am pretty fast worker on paper so although so computer generated pictures with less process of finishing does not even mean a lot to me. but, um...practice is the only way i would say. lol the nip of the pen of intuous 4 is little better than any others so. if you have money, cintiq might not be a bad investment. lol