Colorscript : Revenge of Frank's Mum

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This is a film by Wednesday Brittany Rose Torres
and i did a colorscript for her. I am posting this for further comments or opinions. also, this post is allowed by Wednesday Torres.

ah....since it was during christmas..and all, i had to do this in 2-3 days...so.....be harsh on it and criticize it and crash it......sorry....i will be able to fix it after holiday though lol

* I put few storyboards (by Wednesday Torres) that i referenced as key storyboards. I appreciate the opportunity to do a colorscript for her.


Katelyn Gannon said...

I love the beginning with the characters being lit from window and the square light on the floor, and how they're lit from the side and then the flashlight lighting his face. Lightinglightinglighting, I'm a sucker for it. I also really like the use of purple and green.

Wednesday Torres said...

no would crash it! its all a working progress of greatness, great job, im so glad i got a chance to work with such an awesome guy! :)

Angela Pan said...

the color palette you created and the way you color is.. so..good..

Eusong said...

thank you so much friends!!