outdoor paintings

Outdoor pastel painting
coloring with limited number of colors feels definitely hard especially with pastel, which is a hard blend color.
although i have a specific color in my mind for specific spot, it's just....not easy to create the color without blending. I like the contrast of smooth blending and dry-brush like chalk texture, but keeping the texture and making a right color seems just impossible. i guess that is the biggest challenge for moving on from acrylic and digital to pastel. I am aware of different process of putting on colors or making decision of colors is quite different from acrylic, maybe there must be a better or smarter way of mixing color.

for the last one, which i liked at the moment when i was painting but now i don't, i had to paint it in dark, so i guess i was just keep putting too vibrant colors. when i came back in the lodge, i notice, i wish i had a portable lights.


Sam said...

Wow, Eu Song! These are BEAUTIFUL. My favorite is the second one; the lighting in that image is fantastic.

Eusong said...

thank you!!! second one is definitely my favorite too! thank you!