ROAD TRIP : big big thanks to

for last 2 weeks, i've been on road trip with my friends from LA to NY, basically across US.
how could I explain all that spectacles and experiences in words
in the short period of time,
I gain so much inspiration, everlasting lessons, thoughts and perspective.
and most importantly, another thick layer of friendship laid on me.

Super big thanks to Jeff Rowe, Ben Holm, Sophie Diao and Tyler Chen, who had this awesome journey together

also, big thanks to
MJ and his family, Ben's aunt, grandmother and his cousins, Trevor Jones, Tyler's parents and grandmother, Jeff's best friends and family,Dylan Forman and his family, Patrick Harpin and his roommates, Nelson Boles and his family, Hannah Ayoubi and her family and dogs, Alamo rental car company and Ford Focus.

(the friendship band is got from city museum where is the coolest place on earth)


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Sam said...

I think it's super cool you guys did this! Glad it was such a good trip!