Planet Ice Cream

Planet Ice Cream from Okidog on Vimeo.

Okidog Studio - Eusong Lee, Tyler Chen

composer - Chang-Hwan Oh

this is made in 7 days from scratch but we couldn't even submit....

Noo!!!! I somehow got through the webpage and it's been submitted.

and luckily today I got a mail that says

"Cold Stone Creamery Singapore would like to show them during the grand opening of their store on 12th March!! Woohooooo :D "

so, yes! Congrats!!!!!!!!

PS-the voting for the video is happening on the facebook coldstone creamery webpage

the voting ends at March 10th!!! Please come and vote for the film!! So all of friends and family can have awesome ice cream party with the money. it's the blue thumbnail!! Thank you!



yebkamin said...

where are you guys finding all these contests? Cool stuff by the way!

Alex said...

Argh, this could've totally won!

I definitely wanted icecream after this, and it looked so trendy.

Dammit, well... At least it was an awesome experience! You seem to be entering a lot of awesome contests, I love it!