Plein Air Paintings

 san clemente

 Catalina Island

Somewhere on Old Road

San Diego Santa Fe Train station

After working on several things, I gave myself a little trip to san diego. It was not easy to stop and paint anything I really wanted just because I was too tired walking from A to B. but whenever when I take a ferry or train, I could rest my body little bit so I did four of those. Last one, at the train station, It was too dark to see the color of my pastel, so it looks really weird and different from what I imagined at the spot but
I am uploading anyway. Will do more I promise.


Kari said...

Eusong I love your pastels, they're so amazing. That last one is really awesomel! It looks like something in a dream.

Eusong said...

thank you, Kari. painting at night felt like taking a picture with film camera! you never know what you get until you see it tomorrow!

Tim Robinson said...


Sydni G. said...

These are beautiful. The colors are so warm and each one has a wonderful mood about it. So lovely!

Kai Wu said...

eusong you filthy man beast, i freaking LOVE these paintings so much!!!

yebkamin said...

These are great!!!