I started Tumblr. I recognize..tumblr spreads out very quickly and more communicative with other artists. so...I am starting one...I haven't figured out how this blog is going to be different from tumblr but I don't want to just stop doing this blog. We'll see where things go. Thanks for nice comments and visits all the time. will keep you updated!


brigette b said...

tumblr is for sharing images & blogger is for images + text. tumblr is kind of miserable about tracking where an image comes from, too. when you post an image on tumblr, make it link back to your blogger where all your info + contact +thoughts are. that way you're using both things for what they are good at. taa daaaaaa

Eusong Lee said...

Thank you very much for your nice wisdom!! I will learn more about Tumblr and make it work that way!

Thank you!